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Workshop Report on "Data management & generation for lifecycle analysis"

Workshop Report on "Data management & generation for lifecycle analysis"

On May 23, 2013, a workshop was organized in Berlin on the topic of data management and collection for life cycle analysis. The conveners were GreenDelta, from the PROSUITE Project ( together with the Fraunhofer Institute from the LCA to go Project.

This workshop was the follow-up to a workshop organized on January 25, 2013 entitled Sustainability assessment in large enterprises — Quo vadis?. The January workshop focused on the challenge of conducting sustainability assessment and addressed the demand of feasible assessment methods, related requirements (including software) and the need to communicate assessment results appropriately. The follow-up workshop in May workshop focused on the issue of data generation that had been raised in January, aiming to explore and reply to ideas and statements from participants, e.g: Data are often only available for an operating unit; Which data can be expected from suppliers?. The workshop report is now available.

For the project LCA to go targeting at SMEs it is essential to know about the state of the art among large enterprises. Only then SMEs can build on related methodological knowledge and data mining efforts.

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