Results from LCA to go

In this page the summaries of the project deliverables can be downloaded. More recent information of the project are puplished regulary at our news section.

The main result of this project will be web-based tools for the environmental assessment of products in different sectors.

Project Deliverables

WP1: Concepts for Sectoral LCA Approaches

1.1Technical report on needs and demands of SMEs
1.2Methodology concept for LCA support of SMEs
1.3Intersectoral Synergies

WP2: Simplified Operating Methods: Development and Verification

2.1Technical Sector Report on Data Models for Bio-based Plastics
2.2Technical Sector Report on Data Models for Industrial Machines
2.3Technical Sector Report on Data Models for Electronic Components
2.4Technical Sector Report on Data Models for Renewable Energy
2.5Technical Sector Report on Data Models for Sensors
2.6Technical Sector Report on Data Models and Design Principles for Electronics
2.7Technical Sector Report on Smart Textiles

WP3: Web tool development

3.1Software requirement specification

WP4: Case Studies: Conceptual Stage and Scientific Verification

4.1Scientific Case Study Concepts
4.2Scientific Case Study Reports and Evaluations, ILCD datasets
4.4Pilot Product, Projects and Declarations

WP6: Dissemination and Training

6.1Accredited Training implementation

WP7: Standardisation, Policy Implications and Recommendations

7.1Standardisation and Labelling
7.2Analysing the Impact of LCA to go

ILCD Datasets

More about ILCD can be found in the ILCD handbook (

HDD Datasets 1MB
For bigger files the use of an explicit download software which can resume after breaks is recommended, e.g. for Firefox the addon DownThemAll.
Wafer Dataset 3MB
PCB Datasets 5MB
Biobased Plastics Datasets 7MB
Textile processes Datasets 6MB
Batteries for PV Systems Datasets 117MB
Machine Tool Components Datasets 3MB