News from LCA to go

Date Title of Article Author
'LCA to go' at PolyRegion Conference 2014 Rainer Pamminger
LCA to go live on stage at the Internationale Funkausstellung in Berlin Karsten Schischke
Upcoming Carbon Footprint Calculator for Product Packaging Karsten Schischke
More than 400 users registered for LCA to go tools Karsten Schischke
Launch of the 'LCA to go' YouTube Channel Florian Krautzer
Release of the first e-learning courses! Florian Krautzer
Upcoming LCA to go Workshop in Brussels Florian Krautzer
First tools released: Bio-based Plastics, Sensors, Photovoltaics & Smart textiles! Florian Krautzer
PV poster wins Award Karsten Schischke
Webtool - Spreading the word at EMO 2013 Rainer Pamminger
Workshop Report on "Data management & generation for lifecycle analysis" Karsten Schischke
Future-Shape GmbH introduces new SensFloor project Christl Lauterbach
LCA to go activities in Ireland during the Summer 2013 (3. Cork) Rainer Pamminger
LCA to go activities in Ireland during the Summer 2013 (2. Donegal) Jude Sherry
LCA to go activities in Ireland during the Summer 2013 (1. Dublin) Carl Diver
"LCA to go" software for machine tools presented at EMO Hannover Rainer Pamminger
Intuitive Data Quality Indicator developed for the LCA to go web-tool Florian Krautzer
Innovative Technologies for the Renewable Energy Supply Karsten Schischke
“Designing for the loop” - Awareness seminar on Smart Textiles Andreas R. Köhler
"LCA to go" approach discussed at EIPC Winter Conference Berlin 2013 Karsten Schischke
LCA to go @ MATADOR Conference, UK Rainer Pamminger
Ihobe and the “LCA to go” consortium agree on close collaboration Karsten Schischke
Electronics Goes Green will feature four LCA to go presentations Karsten Schischke
Warsaw conference “Ecology in Electronics” Karsten Schischke
LCA to go at éco-conception 2012 and at LCA in Business Conference in France Jude Sherry
LCA to go contributes to global ICT research and innovation Karsten Schischke
Milestone achieved: Sectoral methodology concepts approved at General Assembly Karsten Schischke
High-level meeting of Ecodesign Centers in Bilbao Karsten Schischke
Electronics Goes Green 2012+, Call for Papers now available Karsten Schischke
Photovoltaics Focus Group Meeting: Needs Assessment in the PV Sector Karsten Schischke
Upcoming 2nd Meeting in Delft, Netherlands Rainer Pamminger
LCA for Smart Sensor Applications Karsten Schischke
FP7 Info Event in Hsinchu, Taiwan Karsten Schischke
FED association calls for SME involvement in early LCA to go activities Karsten Schischke
Survey Sandra Gottschall
First electronics firm in Taiwan to join as official participant of FP7 Karsten Schischke
Kick-off meeting in Leuven, Belgium Rainer Pamminger